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MacPwn for OS X Yosemite USB Maker is released, it works with all supported Computers Hackintosh and Macintosh
Install Yosemite on PC
MBR Installation Supported :)

Posted Image
OS X Yosemite can be only booted by Clover in the current situation, and even clover can't boot the kernel but it boots the kernel cache
so to Install MacPwn you need a computer with MacOS X PreInstalled if you don't have a computer with mac os x then go for the distro of Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks
Check out these Guide from MacBreaker
How to Install OS X Mavericks on PC with Niresh
How to Install OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox with Niresh

How to Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on PC With Niresh

To Install Yosemite with MacPwn,
Download OS X Yosemite Developer Preview (DP1 is the recommended one )
Download MacPwn for Yosemite Developer Preview

Erase your USB Drive (Must erase as GUID to Use Clover UEFI Boot-loader ) - Click here for the guide

or Follow The Video Guide

Posted Image
Open MacPwn Installer Select the Volume First Example: MacPwn

Posted Image
Then Customize: No Much Customizing Options available
Select Clover Standard or Clover UEFI as Bootloader

Install MacPwn and Wait for it to Complete


If you are Making a USB for a Real Mac the Unselect Bootloader and Advanced in MacPwn Customizing Section.

For Hackintosh Users
  • Avoid Installing Unnecessary Kexts if your kextcache fails then you can't boot
  • Clover still can't boot kernel of yosemite
  • npci=0x2000 caused me reboot
  • Use Kernel Flag (boot-args) kext-dev-mode=1 to use Unsigned kexts (Already added in MacPwn)
  • Make Sure the Application Name is "Install OS X 10.10 Developer Preview.app" and its in /Applications Folder

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Can you tell me exactly how to "Make Sure the Application Name is "Install OS X 10.10 Developer Preview.app" and its in /Applications Folder"

will be available a niresh distro for intel pc?

OS X yosemite looks like apple taking a step back...

Ashok the extension '.app' is usually hidden don't worry about that :)

i dont think u get me. After i downloaded the dmg what should i exactly do to make sure that .app is in applications folder. A step by step instruction on how to do that will be great

Copy the Application "Install OS X 10.10 Developer Preview.app" to /Applications Folder

​a friend is making a video on it please wait

Thank you very much Niresh for this awesome tool. 

After making the MacPwn USB I god weird "P-State Stepper Error 18 at step 2 in context 2 on CPU X" Error.

Do you have any advice what should I do? 

Here's my config

Intel i5-2500K @ Stock (I've set it to stock because of the issue, but it didn't help)



work on AMD ?

Will it work on amd computers?

Work on AMD pc?

instant reboot before installation here

Idk what is wrong but i downloaded the OS X file and put it in the app folder and when i run Macpwn and run the set up the install fails. What am i doing wrong

if i install this, what about installed kext?? that maverick kext work on this yosemith? what about the data ?? that will erase all data??

if i install this, what about installed kext?? that maverick kext work on this yosemith? what about the data ?? that will erase all data??

Yeah man, this is basically a fresh install, not an upgrade.

I think its better to make a distro

can i upgrade from maverick 10.9.3..???

created bootable usb successfully, but after booting and selecting Boot macos from Macpwn, the progress bar will stop half way and stops with a close sign on top.Help me please 

boot with -v and post a picture of it

MBR installation is not supported. Selected this option when creating USB.

FX8150 AMD supported ?

My install stick boots perfect and goes all the way to the end, after it sAys less than a minute remaining it says osx could not be installed, exit the installer and reboot. Any ideas?

Also the drive that I install Yosemite to doesn't show up in clover when I do reboot. But it appears the installtion makes a recovery partition. Cus I see a drive called recovery pArtition that'i didn't have before

arundevma Yesterday i have installed on a MBR
matt77303 can you attach the log of Installer from the menu ?

or at least take some pictures of it

Will do when I get home.



the installation fails when there is less than a minute :(

i7 4770 gtx 760 gigabyte motherboard


mine stuck here..;(


i7 gigabyte z68x-ud3hb3 radeon 6870